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Dr. Radha Chirputkar
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Have you asked yourself, “Who is the Best IVF Doctor in Pune?”

Dr. Radha Chirputkar is one of the Best IVF Doctor in Pune. Holding a newborn in arms is a priceless moment for any women. But this joyous moment for some women is delayed due to medical or genetic problems leading them to depression. With IVF Galaxy's advanced infertility management program, any woman without a child even after years of marriage can improve the chance of conception and having a child. As the best fertility clinic in Pune, we provide end-to-end fertility solutions with warmth and compassion that make patients feel happy and positive.

Top Best IVF Centre in Pune with High Success Rate in 2020-2021

Our Amazing infertility center in Pune is known among India’s best fertility centers, offering world-class fertility treatments. The IVF clinic in Pune uses a combination of traditional and advanced technology to treat patients. This ensures the maximum success rate making thousands of families cherish with joy. Here are three strong reasons on why you should select our IVF hospital in Pune.

  • Highly personalized fertility treatment with continuous guidance and counselling throughout the process.
  • Applauded set of embryologists, doctors, nurses and a team of Smart IVF specialist.
  • Process followed are of international standard with best IVF protocols and benchmark able practices.

Our infertility treatment in Pune offers an exciting success rate to fulfil the dream of motherhood for every woman.

Which is the Best IVF Centre in Pune?

IVF Galaxy Centre (LIVF) is remarkable best IVF centre in Pune or infertility hospital in Pune offers a comprehensive end-to-end service for couples to cherish their dream of getting a healthy child. At a cost-effective package, our best IVF centre in Pune focuses on analysing patient complications and offer the supreme suitable rehabilitation. All services come at an affordable cost when compared to others. Our services include

  • Fertility test covering Hysteroscopy, Laparoscopy, Hormone Analysis, Semen Analysis and Ultrasound Scans
  • Fertility treatment covering In Vitro Fertility, Donor Insemination, Intra Uterine Insemination and Ovarian Stimulation
  • Andrology services covering Male sexual dysfunction, Male Infertility and Gynecomastia evaluation and management.
  • Consultation services covering – men and women health assessment and post and pre marriage counselling.

Our Pune based fertility center offers world-class technology at affordable and transparent prices with an end motive of building accessible fertility care for all.

Best IVF Doctors in Pune with High Success Rates

We run one of the best infertility hospital in Pune offering advanced infertility treatment services in a compassionate atmosphere. Our staffs and doctors offer the best treatment in reproductive medicine and techniques, thereby making thousands of couple’s baby dream a reality.

Our best IVF doctors in Pune are frequently trained to adopt to any challenging situations ensuring high success rates in pregnancy. The fertility center adopts an evidence-based treatment with the best IVF doctors in Pune. In addition, the dedication and care of our doctors cannot be matched elsewhere. Our infertility specialists in Pune present the finest chance of getting a healthy baby with the best tailor-made treatment.

Best IVF Clinic in Pune

We are the pioneer in providing reasonable yet commendable fertility treatment to all age women in India. We understand the emotional connect of the word “pregnancy success” and accordingly our team of IVF specialist offers the unsurpassed treatment.

Accordingly, our infertility hospital in Pune is known for the following –

  • Treatment based on evidence & Personalized Treatment– we take one patient at a time and take decisions based on current their status with evidences. Our treatment is tailor made for each patient based on their health status.
  • Transparent care for patients – We have the best infertility specialist in Pune, who ensures the details of patient are made transparent with integrity and credibility.

With high level of trust and pregnancy success rates, we are the best IVF clinic in Pune.

Best Fertility Center in Pune

Our IVF hospital in Pune has provided tremendous stimulus to the sector of fertility clinic in the country. State of the art technology, modern techniques and specialized expert makes us the sort out clinic for any pregnancy issue. Our treatments in IVF and Reproductive medicines are considered to be the best.

Here are few quick reasons on why we are the best fertility center in Pune

  • Our doctors have the best reputation in fertility treatment.
  • Our treatments are tailor-made, packaged and affordable.
  • Our clinic is accessible to avail the best treatment regularly.

Our specialists work closely with patients in ensuring high level of chances of pregnancy.


IVF is the same as test tube baby where the eggs are removed from the female partner and fertilized in the lab with semen from the male partner, producing embryo which is transferred back in the female partner which leads to pregnancy.
In vitro fertilization ( in vitro: outside the body, fertilization taking place outside the body)
Pregnancy achieved after embryo transfer
Lab expenses vary from 70000 to 1,00,000 in addition there are injections given to increase the number and quality of eggs thus increasing the possibility of success which cost about Rs 40000 to 60000.
Total cost varies from 1.25 lakh to 3 lakh depending on the city and center and also on the patient reports.
Ours. 80000 for lab plus 45000-60,000 for injections
Dr Radha Chiputkar
Here after initial assessment Female partner is given injections for about 10-12 days to improve the oocyte quality and numbers, which is monitored simultaneously by serial sonographies and blood tests. When eggs are mature, they are taken out f the body under general anesthesia. Oocytes and injected with the sperms from male partner and the resulting embryo is put back in the female partner wishing for positive pregnancy outcome.
The world average is 30-35 %
It improves chances of pregnancy in the patients with poor sperm count and in patients where the tubes are blocked.
There is no right age of IVF but the chances of the patient conceiving is more is she is under 37 years. What is a natural cycle IVF?
In this type minimum use of injections is done, it yields less eggs but when the woman s age is more it is better to go on milder stimulation.
Government of India does not allow the gender to be selected in India.
It depends on your reports. Consult your doctor to know if IVF is going to increase your chances of getting pregnant.
Laser hatching of zona is used in some frozen embryo transfers. Preimplantation genetic testing is used in some cases where cause of repeated cycle failure is not known.
In one third of the cases patient gets pregnant in the first cycle.
IVF is considered a safe procedure.
The woman has to take multiple injections and take anesthesia that is the disadvantage of IVF. In some patients the injections cause hyper stimulation syndrome. Also the possibility of twin pregnancy is high in IVF.
Yes, IVF babies are normal and healthy. Once pregnant, the IVF pregnancy is the same as natural conception pregnancy. All the risks of pregnancy and delivery are the same.
The daily injections for 10-12 days can get taxing. The procedure of egg retrieval is not painful.
Stimulation has daily injections for 10-12 days. Could be one or two per day.Then for maintenance of pregnancy progesterone and HCG injections are given in some patients.
Eat a healthy diet with 2/3 portions of fruits and vegetables every day. Go less on sweets and junk. Exercise for atleast 40 minutes a day for minimum of 3 days a week.
In surrogacy the embryo of the biological parents is put in the womb of surrogate mother but in test tube baby it is put in the female partner.

Best Fertility Clinic in Pune

What we aim?

IVF Galaxy is committed in maintaining high standards in IVF treatment. Our aim is to bring a smile to our patients' face by helping them have their own child. With us, you can experience the ultimate joy of parenthood. That's what make us the Best IVF Centre in Pune.

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Are you Suffering from any of these?

Stop Unnecessary Test

We understand any childless woman has lots of questions in her mind. She is nervous about the type and number of tests she has to undergo at an infertility center in Pune. At IVF Galaxy, we don't order unnecessary test or medications. Our thorough diagnosis and open consultation with patients are enough to outline a personalised treatment plan. At Our clinic we encourage the patients to conceive naturally. That's what has helped us in attaining a high success rate for our treatment and becoming a reputed IVF center in Pune.

Know us before visiting

Your choice of IVF Treatment Center in Pune can make a lot of difference in fulfilling your dream of having a child. That's where the reputation of the center and expertise of doctors become useful. Right diagnosis and treatment plan can definitely improve the chance of giving birth to a child. You can check our reputation and expertise through patients we have treated. Online reviews, rating, and recommendation will also help you take a better decision.

Why Choose IVF Galaxy Centre

With 75% success rate and hundreds of IVF success stories, we are the best IVF hospital in Pune. We have treated multiple new and IVF failure cases with great success. We offer you these reasons to choose us:

  • - World-class high-end IVF lab
  • - State-of-the-art facilities for IVF and ICSI
  • - Personalised care and treatment
  • - Innovation in fertility treatment
  • - World-class reproductive technology
  • - Comprehensive range of male and female infertility services

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