Boost Your Fertility With These Simple Lifestyle and Dietary Measures

For most couples, having a child is a way of taking their bond ahead. Having a part of your own come into your world is one of the most beautiful feelings on earth. However, not everybody is fortunate enough to experience this natural wonder effortlessly. As per research studies, nearly 15% of couples face fertility issues. While there are many medical procedures available, not every case needs medical intervention. Sometimes, a simple lifestyle and dietary measures are enough to boost your fertility. Here are some remedies that we suggest to couples who are planning to take this big step in life.

1) Increase antioxidants in your diet

Most people concentrate only on women’s health when it comes to fertility. However, a man’s health is equally important too. With antioxidants included in the diet, both men and women can benefit. The main antioxidants which enhance fertility include folate and zinc. Now, the way this works is by basically deactivating the free radicals in the body which harm both- eggs and sperms.

What to do: In order to include antioxidants in your diet, you should add a lot of vegetables, fruits, grains and nuts in your daily diet to get a healthy dosage of zinc and folate.

2) Pay attention to your breakfast

It is often said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Now if you are wondering, how having a healthy meal in the morning can help in increasing your fertility- then here is why. Having a big and healthy breakfast in the morning helps in reducing the effects of PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) on the body. This disorder is attributed to be a leading cause of infertility. Additionally, it also enhances ovulation in the body. Studies show that nearly 30% of women experience a healthier ovulation cycle when they have healthy women as compared to women who tend to skip out on this meal.

What to do: If you have a busy lifestyle, find healthy breakfast places where you can pick a meal on the go. Otherwise plan a night before, so that you do not end up skipping on this meal.

3) Say no to trans fats

Trans fats have become one of the biggest villains of a healthy lifestyle in today’s fast age. You need to switch these with healthy fats for boosting fertility. Trans fats are generally associated with producing a high risk of ovulatory infertility. They have a negative effect on our body because they affect insulin sensitivity. Also, there have been pertinent links found between infertility and diets low in unsaturated fats.

What to do:Include extra virgin olive oil in your diet for getting the required amount of healthy fats. Avoid foods that are high on trans fats.

4) Go high on fiber

Fiber is the super nutrient that our hectic lifestyle needs. It keeps the sugar in our blood balanced. Moreover, it helps the body in getting rid of the excess hormones that may harm the body. One of the biggest hormones that it helps in removing is estrogen. Some fibres bind to estrogen inside the intestines and help in eliminating them. This largely impacts one’s fertility.

What to do:Ensure that you get enough fiber for the day. The recommended amount is 20-25 grams. Do not go overboard with it as it may put you at risk of abnormal ovulation.

5) Balance out your exercise

See, while dietary measures are highly recommended- if you do not combine them with the right exercise, it would only add to calories and not keep you healthy. A holistic approach to health is necessary in order to boost fertility. However, here you need to find the right balance between sedentary lifestyle and going overboard with your exercise. Both can have adverse effects on your fertility.

What to do:Go for a balanced approach such as trying out Yoga or swimming. You can even alternate your cardio routine with a weight training regime to keep the right balance.

6) Rest it out sometimes

While exercising and eating the right food is important, relaxing and keeping yourself calm is equally important. Remember, the higher the stress, the lesser the chances of your pregnancy. Control your stress levels and relax so that you have higher chances of fertility.

What to do:You can adopt a regular schedule for exercise and even go for certain meditation techniques to keep you calm during stressful times.

7) Weight management is crucial

Studies show that nearly 12% of ovulatory infertility is a result of being underweight. On the other hand, 25% of these cases can be attributed to being overweight. Both of which are harmful to having a healthy reproductive life. Additionally, extra fat and low fat also hampers with the menstruation cycle- which is directly related to your fertility cycle. Hence, keeping your weight in check can be highly beneficial for you.

What to do:Get yourself checked for underlying medical conditions which may be affecting your weight. Go for a healthy lifestyle including dietary measures and balanced exercise for good results.

8) Cut down on alcohol

It is nearly impossible to have a high intake of alcohol without it affecting your life in drastic ways. Studies have shown that people who consume over eight drinks a week suffer through infertility issues. Additionally, over 7000 women were taken under observation and a direct link to high levels of infertility were found with high alcohol intake.

What to do:Do not go overboard with your alcohol. Limit it to a weekly intake or try to avoid it as far as possible. This should particularly be done when you are planning to start your family.

You can surely try these out and boost your fertility. These remedies do not have many side effects and can help you naturally embrace this beautiful joy of life!