Guide To Infertility Treatment

Who is the Best infertility Specialist in Pune?

Dr. Radha Chirputkar is one of the Best infertility Specialist in Pune.

When to see an Infertility specialist ?

If you are trying for more than a year (6 months if you are over 35 years of age), it is time to see a fertility specialist. You can also visit our IVF Hospital in Pune or other cities in case you have had two or more miscarriages in the past. Our fertility specialists may help you to take your next pregnancy to term.

Evaluating your reproductive health

For pregnancy to occur, the reproductive organs must be in a good shape. If previous illness or surgeries, health conditions, and genetic conditions are not favorable, pregnancy may not occur.

We can offer routine ultrasonography to look for pelvic organs, X-rays to check the tubal patency, blood tests and pregnancy enhancing laparoscopic surgeries to improve your chances of getting pregnant. Routine semen analysis and highly-specific sperm tests can be done at our advanced IVF clinic in Pune.

Tracking your fertility

Ovulation or the release of egg from the ovary takes place 14 days before your next period starts. In a regularly menstruating woman, that days coincide with the 14th -15th day of the menstrual cycle. Yet the fertility window of the woman is for a week from day 9. The egg once released from the ovary can be fertlised for 24 hours, but the sperm in the woman’s body can fertlise the egg for a week. So regular intercourse from day 9 helps to conceive than the intercourse on the day of ovulation.

IVF Treatment and Laboratory Testing Costs

  1. IVF Package Rs 70000/- + Medicines + Blood Test
  2. ICSI Package Rs.70000/- + Medicines + Blood Test
  3. IUI - H (With Husband Sperms) Rs.5000/-
  4. IUI - D (With Donor Sperms) Rs/ 8000/-
  5. Semen Freezing Rs.2000/- per 6 months
  6. TESA / PESA / Biopsy Rs.15000/
  7. TESA / PESA / Biopsy Rs.15000/
  8. Recipient IVF Rs.70000

If you and your partner think it is time to see a fertility specialist, go ahead and book your appointment.

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  • Testing for tubal patency
  • The egg once released from the ovary has to be carried to the uterus by the fallopian tubes. These tubes may be blocked or diseased thus interfering with the transport of the egg. Hence it is important to test the tubes. One can do it by Hysterosalphingography ( X ray with dye injection ) or sonosalphingography (USG guided) or laparoscopy with injection of dye. If there is minor block, these tests themselves may open the block thus solving the problem.

  • Testing for ovulation
  • Measuring basal body temperature and urinary LH testing kits may be used to look for ovulation at home. But we can help you to look for ovulation by serial ultrasound scans. We can alter the quality f ovulation by adding some medicines during the cycle thus improving the chances of getting pregnant.

  • Blood tests
  • Many blood tests can be done to look for hormonal milieu and other diseases like diabetes. Thyroid imbalances. Also infectious diseases like hepatitis, HIV should be tested if you are trying to conceive.

  • Semen analysis
  • Semen analysis is as important in infertility assessment. A sample collected after 2-3 days abstinence is the best. Semen qualitative analysis, semen culture, DNA fragmentation studies can be done to know the fertilization potential of the sperms


  • 1. Staying healthy should be your aim
  • 2. Eat balanced and healthy diet with all food types. Drink lots of water.
  • 3. Aim and achieve a BMI under 30. One may have to follow strict diet and excerceise regimen for that.


  • 1. No alcohol or smoking
  • 2. Meditate or inculcate a hobby to keep the stress levels low.
  • 3. Rest is as important in the day. Take atleast 8 hours of sleep at night.
  • 4. Do not lift very heavy weights.
  • 5. Stay positive !