IVF (In Vitro Fertilisation)

Which is the Best IVF Treatment Centre in Pune?

Visit LIVF - IVF Galaxy Centre is one of Best IVF Treatment Centre (Test Tube Baby Center) in Pune.

In Vitro Fertilisation means:

in vitro — out side body

Fertilisation — Forming zygote with union of egg & sperm

so it means formation of embryo out side our body…

Test tube baby suggests that events taking place in Fallopian tube take place outside the body …events take place in petri -dish and not in test tube..as the name suggests.

Primarily invented for the patients in whom fallopian tubes were damaged..but now horizon of Indications has widened..

various protocols are used to grow eggs(Follicles) in the ovaries…Generally aim is to have 7-8 good quality follicles which are aspirated with the help of needle attached to USG vaginal probe..under anesthesia( in our center)

After getting eggs , good sperms selected from the husband’s semen sample are inseminated around egg ( follicle) just like happening naturally in the fallopian tube. and here the dish is transferred to CO2 incubator where under similar environment like in fallopian tube, fertilization should take place .After 24 hours it is checked that embryo has formed which is 2 pro-nuclei stage.

Normally we allow this embryo to grow more into 2-4-6-8-cell stage and depending upon the progress , it is transferred back into uterus under sonography guidance…Procedure of embryo transfer normally is done on day 2 or 3 of oocyte retrieval at our centre.

We discharge the patient same day..with medicines mainly progesterone support

After 14 days patient is advised to do urine test and blood test at the interval of 48-72 hours .

next follow ups are like normal pregnant patients but may vary from patient to patient so it is advisable to discuss in person with the doctor to avoid confusion.

We do around 10 IVF cycles every month and our success rate is 35 %.