Donor IUI

What is Donor IUI?

IUI- Intra Uterine Insemination is a lab procedure to find fast motile sperm from slow and inactive sperms. Couples who experience sexual problems, need special help to conceive because of HIV or other problems, unexplained infertility etc, use IUI procedure to get pregnant. In females, IUI is performed on the first day of their periods to get their eggs, whilst in males, sperms are taken on the day the treatment is performed that is used to meet with eggs.

After going through IUI at the clinic, a female is suggested to take rest it the treatment room. A speculum is inserted in her vagina.

At times the sperm count of the male partner is zero, one may choose to use donor sperm sample in such cases processed in the same way and inseminated as mentioned above.

We maintain donor sperm samples from ICMR approved sperm bank. Where the samples are checked for all major diseases like HIV, HbSAG and properly quarantined

What is Donor IUI
using a sperm donor to get pregnant