What is Endoscopy?

Ur Hospital Boasts of one of the most advanced units in Laparoscopy in the world

Our’s is the first center with Robotic unit fully functioning.. We have team which is fully trained in endoscopy and we take pride in doing fertility enhancing surgery..

Laparoscopy —- is procedure normally is day care procedure done under General anesthesia. Here we evaluate uterus and its anatomy with the neighboring structures.. Mainly to see whether the fallopian tubes are open , Ovaries are free ..Laparoscopy is gold standard to diagnose Endometriosis ,responsible mainly now a days for sub fertility…

Hysteroscopy—This procedure is endoscopy done to see inside of uterus..

This procedure can be done without anesthesia in our unit as we do Office hysteroscopy with small size Hysteroscope so patient can walk away from the hospital in 30 minutes after the procedure is over.. Small growths like polyps can also be removed in same sitting.