The human sperm

The little piece of life , a master creation by Nature. So ingeniously designed . The head designed like a rugby ball , so that he will be an efficient swimmer , has a stylish conical cap called acrosome ( designed for coaxing the egg ‘ s shell in a non romantic way though ) as well as guarding the miles of DNA threadS deftly packed in the micron volumes so that the baby inherits the papa’s smile ...

A small neck he has packed with energy bars called mitochondria for his long travel from the papa across all landscapes to reach the princess of his dreams , the shy mature oocyte released from her home castle , swayed by the brides maid of the tubes , gentle slim Fimbria, into the nuptial chamber full of goodies for the couple for the next 3 days. A marriage ceremony in utero is also 3 days.

The guy sperm is never alone. Millions of his siblings swim along and the strongest reach the bridal chamber .It is a beautiful swayamvaram then. The egg Is of course the wise one 😜.she selects the one with the best gene dress. Natural selection. And allows him to break her zona shell. And the sperm goes through the delicate membrane called oolemma . He then disperses his halved chromosomes into the cytoplasm of the egg ( the oocyte is much larger than the sperm ) and the egg is already prepared to halved chromosomes . The chromosomes mingle and the miracle of life happens . Just like a star being born in a little universe of the egg.

So wonderful. Amazing that it is programmed by itself. With such precision millions of times over. To think You , me , all of us were sculpted this way. More amazing. Sometimes the sperm is sick. His DNA breaks , his codes get confused by passing thro generations when his boss Y chromosome has downsized some special gene s( micro deletion) . The chaps lose their bounty of dna and are incapable of their destined task. May be due to stressed lifestyle of his master, maybe due the cadmium in the cigarettes or the pesticides that reaches him through food water or air. He is sick and the head looks small like in the picture ( sperm DNA fragmentation test )

all hope is not lost. If they offenders are eliminated, and a healthy lifestyle picked up , the next gen sperms may bounce back and perform the wonderful job of procreation